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Xproblem - modelines?

I am trying to get X working on S3 trio3D card. My XFree86 is
version 3.3.6 which supports the trio3D. Unfortunately it is
very picky about its modelines. There some recommended mode-
lines in the manual:
	Modeline "1024x768"  75  1024 1048 1184 1328  768  771  777  806 -hsync
	Modeline "640x480"  45.80 640 672 768 864 480 488 494 530 -hsync -vsync
	Modeline "800x600"  36      800  824  896 1024    600  601  603  625

The problem is this: I have an old monitor. ERGO: When I attempt
to start X, I get the following:
	(--) SVGA: Mode "640x480" needs vert refresh rate of 100.02 Hz. Deleted.
	(--) SVGA: Mode "1024x768" needs hsync freq of 56.48 kHz. Deleted.
	(--) SVGA: Mode "800x600" needs hsync freq of 35.16 kHz. Deleted.

How do I find working modelines for my system? I cant handle the
recommended ones. They demand to much of my grumpy old monitor...
Please help?

	//Mats Ström

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