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Re: OT: Video cards? Creating Athlon Debian box..

It's not Debian you are matching your card up to, it's xfree86. In fact,
you will want to upgrade xfree86 to 3.3.6, so it will support your card.

I just built a couple machines with Matrox G200 16 MB cards and they work
well. I am not a gamer, so I couldn't give you much info as far as the 3D

check http://www.xfree86.org/3.3.6/

for supported cards. Also, you can get the latest xfree86 deb packages
from the developer's site:



On Sun, Apr 09, 2000 at 10:38:28PM -0700, kaynjay@igalaxy.net wrote:
> I'm putting together my first machine (upgrading from a 486, so it should be
> interesting :) and have trouble deciding on a video card.  I thought 3dfx
> was supposed to be a good choice (looking at the 3000), as was Matrox (the
> G400).  But older posts on the archives seem to indicate trouble with both
> (or at least _references_ to trouble).  
> NVidia (sp?) was mentioned as a possibility, but I didn't know it was
> supported well.
> I hope people don't mind the poll. I honestly am at a bit of a loss with all
> the new stuff I'm discovering out there, and want to make a good match with
> Debian.  
> Thanks for any input!
> Kenward Vaughan
> ps. My work will involve molecular modeling imagery, with VRML quite likely a 
> part of that. Certainly 2D, but I don't know about 3D.  Any games are likely
> under Winblows for my kids (until I find out about Descent under Linux.. ;-)

Brian Lavender

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