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Re: Simple text screen editor

>                I need to give a couple of users a simple editor that works
> within a virtual terminal (not X). These people are not really computer
> literate and would have trouble with vi or vim. They would be following
> written instructions to edit a couple of config files. Has anyone any
> suggestions as to a simple editor I could install such that they can
> carry out this task. Ease of use is much more important
> than editing power, hence the requirement to not use vi or vim.

Joe has been mentioned before, and it's also my recomendation. It has
easily accessible online help (which is easy to find and use, unlike
emacs), and does pretty much everything you need it to do.

I also have to deal with someone who isn't terribly unix-savy, but whom
I often have to instruct over the phone (a text-editor is the single
most important tool in unix systems administration, and the only way to
do many important jobs). I gave him a few pointers in using joe, made
him sit down and practice, and now both our lives are a lot easier (vi,
over the phone, is even less fun than vi in person!).



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