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Re: No masquerading in stock kernel-image?

> On advice of not-so-newbies, I proceeded to custom-compile a version of
> that kernel, and got Masquerading operational.  Now, with the recent
> kernel upgrade that's become available in the past week, Masquerading
> is still working, for me -- so, either the latest kernel has it
> switched 'on' by default, or the configuration files on my machine after
> the custom-compile had a beneficent effect. :-)  Dunno which.

I can almost guarantee you that the new kernel didn't "inherit" any
masquerading-ness from your custom kernel (since the primary masquerading
code can't be a module, I don't think).

Are you sure that you've *booted* the new stock kernel and not just been
booting your old home-brewed one?

- Joe

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