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Re: More network setups

On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Radim Gelner wrote:

> I'm moving from network to network quite often
> and I carry my notebook with me. This leads to
> the need of more network setups (IP addresses,
> DNS, hostname, SMTP/POP server, etc).

You didn't tell whether the networks you connected to are via PPP, but
Creating connection scripts using pppconfig (you have Debian on your
notebook, right?) would solve the problem. Say, if you have 3 ISPs, then
you'd have:
pon ISP1, to connect to ISP1
pon ISP2, to connect to ISP2
The connection scripts will set the DNS servers for each the ISP you have.
SMTP/POP servers can be set using the Preferences on the mail client


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