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Re: What to do when install/uninstall both fail?

On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Anthony Campbell wrote:

> What can you do when you can neither install nor uninstall a package,
> which is left broken?

Did the installation stop when dpkg ran the config. scripts? (ie: all the
files had been unpacked, but not yet configured). If yes, cd to
/var/lib/dpkg/info, and look for tetex-base.pre* and tetex-base.post*.
Then add "exit 0" after the first line (ie: after #!/bin/sh), then "dpkg
-r tetex-base" command.
> I've done this with tetex-base. Even using the force option to remove it
> sith with dpkg doesn't work.

dpkg --unpack tetex-base*.deb (in /var/cache/apt/archives)
dpkg -r tetex-base
> I think I may have to make an entirely new installation of Debian :-(

IMHO, this is the wrong way of doing things.


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