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Re: xterm&title

Hello Peter, HelloPaolo
Thanks for replying

I have been using about the same escape sequence (except in tcsh....)
In my .tcshrc...

switch ($TERM)
    case "{xterm*,rxvt*}":
         alias periodic 'echo -n "\033]0;${USER}@${HOST}       `date +%A\
\[%d\]\ \ %B`\007"'
        set prompt="%n:%c03%#"
        set prompt="%n:%c4%#"

the problem......
Telneting to debian machine seems to work fine
But under other OS (still xterm terminal not dtterm or any other) the shell
just change the prompt to
\033]0;my-logname@host-machine       Wednesday [05]   April \007>
I cant figure out if the problem is on the escape sequence, the xterm
version, or the echo command?
I have try all the combinations of /bin/echo, builtin echo, and the argg -n
, -n -e
Any idea??

Peter: The relative HOWTO claims tha the same espace sequence works with
dtterm to.Well ..i had the same problem.(Solaris 7 sun4u)

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Subject: Re: xterm&title

> Ciao Nikos Voutsinas,
>  > I would like (somehow) to change dynamically xterm title according to
the LOGNAME and HOSTNAME env. Anyone who can help?
> you can start from this function in /etc/profile:
> if [ -n "$DISPLAY" ]; then
>         cd ()
>         { builtin cd $* && echo -n -e "\\033]0; $TERM: $PWD \a"; }
>         echo -n -e "\\033]0; $TERM: $PWD \a"
>         export -f  cd
> fi
> and change it for your needs.
> Ciao
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> Paolo Pedaletti, Como, ITALYa
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