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RE: Inter pro100

Yeh, I agree. Don't worry about it, I am trying somehting else. I have two cards that use the  rtl8139.o module, one is in and working, now I have to figure how to install a second one. Should be much easier since there is only one module needed.
Any suggestions?

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i would reccomend agianst this, BUT if you really need one you would have
to specify what kernel you are using, and what processor you have/what is
the kernel compiled for.  chances are a binary module wouldn't load there
is just too many things that could go wrong.  i suggest if you want an
eepro driver you get a completly compiled kernel with the driver in
it.   I(or someone else) can get you a kernel but again specify what
kernel you want, and what cpu you got ..and what specific options you may
need(scsi, etc) to get it to boot.


On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Chris Mason wrote:

chris >I need a compiled Inter PRO 100 driver eepro100.o I think it is. If anyone can shoot me over a copy I would appreciate it.
chris >
chris >Chris Mason
chris >Box 340, The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies
chris >Tel: 264 497 5670 Fax: 264 497 8463
chris >USA Fax (561) 382-7771
chris >Take a virtual tour of the island
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