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Re: redirect hidden output to screen...?

On Tue, 04 Apr 2000, Jeff Gordon wrote:
> I have a li'l program I wrote, Mail-Penguin, that retrieves mail for us
> from our POP box on the web -- it's a home-brewed 'fetchmail', sort of.
> Normally it sends informational messages to the screen -- but now I
> have it being launched by diald's ip-up script (which I guess is
> sending output to its FIFO...?)
> How can I restore or mirror that output to the console screen...?
I had the same situation a few days ago. I was writing a ppp-accounting program
and printed with fprintf(stderr,...) to the terminal. But when the program was
started by pppd, there was no output at all. 
I resolved the problem by using syslog(3) instead of fprintf().

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