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Re: NIS issues

In article <cistron.20000402145828.A20491@cs.mcgill.ca>,
Nick Cabatoff  <ncc@cs.mcgill.ca> wrote:
>I keep getting mail on some slink machines from cron jobs, e.g. the
>"test -f /proc/modules && /sbin/rmmod -a" one.  They contain the
>single line:
>  yp_all: clnt_call: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by
>Anyone know what this signifies,

NIS temporarily failed to talk to the NIS server, then it printed an
error to stderr (it's the NIS routines in glibc that do this -
bad, I think, but oh well). Usually it's just an informational message
as it automatically switches servers if one is down or not
answering immidiately.

>how NIS gets involved in such a
>simple cronjob

It probably did something that uses NIS, i.e. getpwnam() or getpwuid()

>and what I can do about it?

Usually it is a very good idea to list the NIS servers directly
in /etc/yp.conf instead of relying on broadcasts (the default if
/etc/yp.conf is empty), it makes the NIS client stuff a bit more
reliable. /etc/init.d/nis stop and start after that.

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