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Re: IRQ settings 4 sb 32 pnp

better to try using the bios to change the IRQ, if that doesn't work --

if the soundblaster is PCI (i cant remember what a SB32 is..) try moving
the slot, if its ISA the default for it should be IRQ5(but your
system appears to be different :) ).  if your video
card is PCI try changing the slot too.  if the soundblaster is ISA use
isapnp to reconfigure it, you should not need a kernel recompile, unless
your drivers are statically compiled into the kernel as opposed to


On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:

ke6sls >
ke6sls >    Hello,
ke6sls >
ke6sls >I have a creative labs soundblaster 32 pnp. It currently uses irq 11,
ke6sls >unfortunatly, so is my video card.  I have noticed since i compiled this 
ke6sls >kernel (2.2.14) using slink, that while rvplayer plays and I move my mouse
ke6sls >it makes noise, same with my mp3 player etc.  Is there a way to easily move
ke6sls >the irq for the sb to another irq?? If so, how do I go about it. I realize that
ke6sls >I will need to recompile the kernel to reflect new irq.
ke6sls >
ke6sls >TIA
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