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Re: gzip/gunzip problems

Quoting Kevin A Smith (kas@lucent.com):
> At 12:09 PM 3/31/2000 +0200, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> > > After (ftp) downloading a .gz file and running gunzip on it I get the 
> > error:
> > > invalid compressed data--crc error
> > >
> >the linux ftp client is probably in ascii-mode. set it to "bin" and
> >everything should be fine.
> >or is your filesystem just full?
> Neither. I did point out that I'd used "bin" mode :)
> Anyway, it turns out to have been caused by a disk problem:
> >It was *disk*. Linux kernel 2.0.36 provoked a known bug in the E/IDE
> >CMD640B controller - caused random file corruption. This would've occured
> >whichever Linux distribution you used (dselect kept segfaulting and dying
> >with assert failures all over).
> A buddy of mine found it....awesome piece of Sherlock Holmes work.....

Is it worth pointing to the kernel options CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640,
if you should come across one of these.


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