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Re: lm-sensors: can't access /proc file

On 01 Apr 2000 00:37:21 +0200, you wrote:
>Do you have the modules loaded? On my computer (with a p5a-board too),
>it was necessary to add the modules listed below to /etc/modules:
>With this it works.

I was missing sensors and w83781d. On the P5A, it now works. However,
the temperature values are grossly off, reporting a "temp3" of 208.5

On the P3B-F, w83781d takes about two minutes to load and then temp2
and temp3 are deported as zero. temp1 seems to be the case

What do I do to get sensible temperature readings?

sensors-detect complains about missing /dev/i2c nodes - do I have to
create them manually? 


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