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Perl/C programmers, help pls

hello everyone,

    we have something like 30,000 ++ small files lying around different subdirectories, named 000001.cgi ++.  (from Ultimate Bulletin Board, www.ultimatebb.com, and let me add that their customer support sucks and their documentation is even worse)
    heres an example of one :

======  file ======

A||N||1||ChiQui||mIRC channel
Z||000000||ChiQui||08-01-1999||05:52 AM||chx18@yahoo.com||It was suggested in one of the forums that we have a channel in the mIRC. Can we be allowed to name the channel #pinoyexchange?||||reg
Z||000001||clawed_out||08-04-1999||09:49 AM||ronald_torres@hotmail.com||why not try #uaap at dalnet..mas konti ang tao doon! anyway enjoy your day & happy surfing!  <IMG SRC="";>||||reg

======= end ========

     can someone please help me with a script w/c searches the contents of all those small files and looks for __" and then replaces them with __"http://www.pexchange.com/__ ? 

thanks a lot in advance,

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