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Re: fresh compile, "unresolved symbols" complaints

> ----- message from George Bonser <grep@shorelink.com> -----
> How did you install your kernel? Did you use make-kpkg to make a
> kernel-image package and install that or did you try to install it by
> hand? 

"make mrproper", "make menuconfig"... like that.
> If you installed by hand, is the new kernel the same version as the old
> kernel? 


> If so, did you possibly forget to move the old modules dir out of
> the way before installing the new modules? If you compiled some things
> into the kernel that used to be modules, modutils may still be trying to
> load the module and seeing the old module that was not built with the new
> kernel, you may be getting all kinds of unresolved symbols.

(Ah so.)  Didn't "forget", George; but never knew to do it. :-)  "make
modules" doesn't cover it, then...?
> Those are just guesses but you need to make sure that the new kernel,
> modules, and system map are all in the right places. make-kpkg does this
> for you so I suggest at least look into using it to build kernel packages
> for Debian.

Thanks, George, that's very helpful.  Armed with that info, I'll take
another run at it sometime this week.

All the best,

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