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Re: session-manager anyone?

On Sun, Apr 02, 2000 at 12:57:37AM -0800, Joseph de los Santos wrote:
> hello,
>    I don't know if this is where I have to ask this but here it
>    goes...How do I use the session-manager? when I click on the
>    session manager properties nothing happens. I can't save any
>    sessions. When I installed the package it said that I had to edit
>    my .Xsession file. I did that already, i.e. what window-manager to
>    use, etc but I can't  still save any sessions.

I'll assume you're asking about xsm (since you don't specify).

Here's what you'll want to do for the first go around.

1) Edit your ~/.xsession to have something like

    xterm &
    exec xsm

2) startx or login from [x|g|w]dm.
3) In the xterm, start your window manager of choice ("flwm &").
3) Now, from the xsm window, select the client list and add your window
   manager and any other programs you want to start at login. Save it
   with some name.
4) Logout using the xsm Shutdown (very important).
5) Next time you startx, you should be prompted for the session to load.
   If all goes well, you might want to remove the "xterm &" from your
6) Create new and entirely different session by editing the client list
   of the current session and saving it with a *different* name.

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