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Re: ftp problems in masquerading with WIN box

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill  <bill@willco.org> writes:

    Bill> Hi all, I have a Debian box (woody) with IP Masq set-up, no
    Bill> problems with accessing the internet or internally with ftp
    Bill> with my win98 and win2000 box's but if I try to access
    Bill> external ftp sites it logs in, authenticates and then gives
    Bill> the following error

    Bill> < 500 Illegal PORT command.  * PORT command failed

    Bill> Any ideas on what I've set wrong or haven't set would be
    Bill> greatly appreciated

    Bill> ftp straight from Debian box works fine, but it is used as a
    Bill> router only at this stage, no GUI installed.

    Bill> Thanks in advance Bill

Have you installed the ftp module for ipmasq? 
I use ip_masq_ftp.o with a 2.0.30 kernel. 


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