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Re: How to fix missing modules after kernel update?

"Christian Pernegger" <pernegger@chello.at> wrote:
>I'm running an up-to-the-minute potato box. Today I compiled a custom 2.2.14
>using dkpg-make. It installs and boots fine, except for errors produced by
>some things that were modules in the standard kernel (nic driver, NLSs,...)
>and are not modules anymore (either built in or not compiled at all).
>Those modules are reported "not found" during bootup. I suspect they are still
>scheduled for auto-load somewhere, but obviously I can't de-select them in
>modconf because they are not available in the new kernel...
>Is there any clean way to resolve this?

They may be mentioned in /etc/modules or /etc/modules.conf. Remove them
from there (if they're in /etc/modules.conf, remove them from the
appropriate file in /etc/modutils instead and run /sbin/update-modules).

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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