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Re: Help with module problems on Upgrade to 2.1

Gregory Guthrie <guthrie@mum.edu> writes:
> Bob, thanks for the help.
> I tried it, to little avail.
> (session below). I can't tell if
> 1) just better tool usage is needed,
> 2) my configuration is broken, and if so how to recover,
> 3) the tools are broken (less likely..)
> But, how does one probe into the details of:
>    "subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status"?

     You can look at the prerm script with `less
/var/lib/dpkg/info/samba.prerm'.  If you can see a line in the script
that appears to be causing the problem, you can comment it out.  If
you can't see the cause of the problem, you could insert `exit 0' at
the top of the script.  Then try `dpkg --force-depends -r samba'

     I am not familiar with samba, but I see it has a _lot_ of files.
By-passing the prerm might leave some directories, or even files, on
your disk that would otherwise be removed.  Since you intend to
re-install samba, that probably won't be a be a problem, but you could
always run cruft (../admin/cruft_*.deb) to locate files that aren't

     In general, using --force options to dpkg, and/or modifying the
maintainer scripts, have the potential to damage your system.  In the
present case, samba is already broken, so I don't see much chance of
damaging anything but samba.

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