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RE: Questions from a new debian user

> Have a look in /var/log/xdm.log and see if you can find out why xdm
> isn't restarting the X server (or perhaps you've deliberately set it
> that way somewhere in /etc/X11/xdm?).

Thanks, Colin, but I can't. I zapped both XDM and KDM to dust. :) And actually even if it was broken (it was a straight install from the CD as part of my initial debian install process so I don't know why it would be) I preferred the way XDM was letting me force it to go away. With KDM I felt like I wasn't allowed to ever exit to the plain old ordinary terminal and I was trapped in X forever whether I wanted it or not. Granted it might not be necessary to ever leave X at all... but sometimes I just want out of it. A graphical login struck me as unnecessary because it only saved me having to type "startx" and for the sake of typing 6 characters, why have a whole program installed? :) I like X a whole lot. I like my pretty little icons and I'm a real point-n-click gal... but when Enlightenment sends my pagers into another dimension and Eterm crashes 3 times in a row, I want to be able to shut the bloody thing down and retreat to my plain grey characters on my plain black screen.


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