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Sun 3 xterminal debs?

Gidday all - I have a question regarding installing software from source as 
opposed to .debs

It is obviously a better thing to use a deb package if available, but what 
damage might I be causing if I install something from source?  For example 
I have installed sshd from source (on a work machine), because I could not 
find a prepacked deb.

The reason the subject mentions sun 3/50s is that my home server will 
change to debian from slackware (mumble 3) when I have some time to 
concentrate on it.  On the network I have an old green sun 3/50 which uses 
tftp and xdm and so on - I see the potential for a lot of dependencies.  Is 
there a deb for such a situation?

Comments/advice/ridicule welcome :)

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