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Re: EMERGENCY: LILO can't load Win95 / Mount fails

Quoting Stefan Baums (sbaums@gmx.net):
>    hda1 contains what cfdisk calls "Win95 FAT32 (LBA)" (the lost
>    Win95 partition)
>    hda4 contains a Debian 2.0 base system
> LILO was set up to automatically boot Win95.  The only major thing we
> did was install Ghostscript 6.01 for Windows, then next day when we
> turned the computer back on, LILO got stuck in booting after printing
> "LI" on screen.
> I then went into the Debian 2.0 system with a rescue disk, wrote a
> series of lilo.conf's, ran lilo, rebooted.  The result was always that
> LILO got to the point where it told me
> Then I tried to mount the Win95 partition from GNU/Linux to save the
> most important data, but the result of "mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt"
> is:

Just a thought, but does Debian 2.0 (this is hamm, released July 98)
support FAT32 in its vfat, or only FAT16 with long filenames?
Fat32 support seemed to creep rather quietly into linux kernels,
judging by rgrep -i -r fat32 *

Ie, have you mounted the partition successfully before from linux?


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