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Realplayer 7 and Esound

I have installed Realplayer 7 on my Linux box, running Potato with ALSA
sound. But it works kind of weird, as when I try to play something on it,
I get an error message "Cannot open the audio device. Another application
may be using it". If I then wait about five seconds not doing anything,
and try again, it works fine. If I run Realplayer as root, this problem
doesn't occour. (I AM in the Audio group as a user)
I thought maybe this is because the sound devices are used by esound,
(this is a bit awkward too, because my Esound uses the ALSA interface, and
I think Realplayer uses the OSS emulation, and even when playing a sound,
the WM sounds going through Esound can still be heard) the output device
in the Preferences window of Realplayer to "Esound support". But so, even
though Esound _IS_ running, like this it doesn't work at all!
This bug is more of a little annoyance than a real problem, but I am
really curious what the cause could be...

Daniel Szabo

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