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Re: Would I have any problems with Epson Stylus 740?

I've got a Stylus 740 and have no problems at all.

The Printing HOWTO Support Database says that the 740 is "Mostly"  
rather than "Completely" support:


I'm not sure what is missing to keep it from being "Completely" supported.
It certainly does everything I've expected it to.

More info on installing the 740 is available at:


Although targeted at the RedHat crowd, I was able to use the info and
especially the uniprint (.upp) files there to get it working on Debian

My biggest complaint is that they keep getting cheaper.  I got a $50 rebate
from Epson:


...but I was at Staples just last week and they are now offering instant
$50 rebates as well (you pay $150 at the store *AND* get the $50 back from

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