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Re: What r the correct perms for SW in /usr/local ?

>>>>> "EB" == Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:
    EB>  this is *BROKEN* nothing should EVER be writing to its program
    EB> files or the directories its installed in, where did you get
    EB> this program?  it sounds like it was written for win* or macos.

Indeed it was. Its earlier versions were only available for Windows
IIRC. And they worked quite well on WinNT too.

Another thing going against Together/J is resource-usage. Being a
pure-java application written using the Swing components, its a
disgusting memory hog causing the swap file on my machine to grow to its
max size of 127Mb. Memory usage was close to 100% (of 128Mb too). I
don't recommend this application to anyone unless they have a PIII and
> 256 Mb RAM.

    EB> if you want to follow the debian style for /usr/local then
    EB> everything should be owned by root.staff, and possibly mode
    EB> 0775, and be VERY picky about who is in group staff.  I
    EB> reccomend against this however.  if you are a member of group
    EB> staff, and you run some program that does nasty things, it has a
    EB> whole mess of software in /usr/local it can trojan. not just for
    EB> you but for every user on the system.

Good points and thanks for the tips. I too was hesitant to add myself to
group staff which is why I created the group javauser. Seems like a lot
of trouble to me now as I don't think I will be using Together/J anymore
what with its speed and all.


Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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