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Re: Best way to start eth0 without address

Marshal Kar-Cheung Wong writes:
 > >>>>> "Robb" == Robb Aley Allan <rallan@helical.com> writes:
 >     > For what it's worth, I sometimes use ifconfig eth0
 >     > netmask up
 >     > and it seems to work.
 > I guess the questions is in what file did you put it.  I could comment
 > out the line below in interfaces and put ifconfig ...  in
 > /etc/init.d/networking, but I'm looking to see if there is a more
 > cleaner way...  Thanks though.


Alternatively, if what you are trying to do is launch pppoe, you could
put it in adsl-start or some such script.

Robb Aley Allan
rallan@helical.com	rallan@minskoff.com	allanr@acm.org
Helical Design		Myron A. Minskoff, Inc.	ACM

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