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Re: pass boot disk kernel parameters?

On a normal syslinux boot disk, there is a .cfg file or something like that.
It works almost the same as lilo.conf. There should also be a kind of readme
on this disks.

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Stephan Hachinger

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Subject: pass boot disk kernel parameters?

> How do you create a boot disk where you can pass it kernel parameters
> such as
> disk=linear
> append = "hd=683,16,38 hd=64,32,202"
> I just grabbed the append specification from LILO stuff in the Running
> Linux book [129]. The book says how to add it in lilo, but gives no
> indication for putting the information onto a kernel boot disk.
> Is there a way that you can specify these parameters with
> rdev? I mean can you do
> # rdev ./vmlinuz /dev/hda6 "hda=16383,16,63"
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