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Re: Midnight Commander without mouse?

No, I mean how do I INSTALL mc without a mouse?  libgpmg is a required
package for mc, and if it is not present dpkg complains and won't install
mc.  Since mc operates perfectly well without a mouse I can't imagine
why this is so, but there it is.  I guess I could go ahead and install
libgpmg even though there physically is no mouse present, but won't
that create problems for libgpmg setup?

How can I force install and config of mc without a mouse?

Oswald Buddenhagen <ob6@inf.tu-dresden.de> wrote:

>> When I installed Midnight Commander I recall that dpkg setup required
>> a mouse to be present even thought mc can be operated without one.
>> Now I'm about to install Debian on a machine which will have no mouse
>> and want to use mc.  What can I do?
>basically i see no problem with using mc without a mouse. the only thing i
>could not figure out how to do without a mouse is, how to access the
>history lists - but probably i should RTFM. ;-)

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