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Diald Problem


    Looking for help with diald. Trying to set an old 486 up as a dial
on demand router for my home network. Using official slink with 2.0.36

    Problem. diald will not automatically connect. dctrl up-request or
"up" in diald.options works fine. But telnet/ftp/ping to an IP address
or via name will not trigger an auto dial up. Even tried telnet to other

    Using tcpdump, netwatch. doesn't seem to be anything going to sl0.
Have debug on in diald.options and nothing written to any logs (unless
of course I force up the connection). I'm not trying to do anything
tricky. Have used other's working /etc/diald, but they don't work for

    After booting netstat -nr command shows:
Kernel IP routing table  Destination     Gateway         Genmask
Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface UH      552 65536      0
sl0   U      1500 0          0
eth0       U      3584 0          0
lo         U       552 65536      0

    Please reply directly. Not sure my mail-list registration is


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