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Re: exim and spam relay

Sorry for the duplicate message.  This one has a useful Subject.


Thanks for your response.  I checked my exim.conf again and did not find
anything wrong in it.  I have included a few of the values below.

   my true IP address:
   my true machine name:  badhost.corp.com

qualify_domain = badhost.corp.com
local_domains = 
local_domains_include_host = true
local_domains_include_host_literals = true
#relay_domains =
#relay_domains_include_local_mx = true

You commented that you were running exim 3, so I downloaded the source,
compiled and installed it.  That did not resolve my problem.

Below is a sample session that shows my problem.  For this session, I was
on xxx.dialup.erols.com telnetting into badhost.corp.com and attempting
to relay mail to remote.com.  If you attempt to duplicate these results
be sure to replace with the actual IP address of the machine
you are attempting to relay through.

telnet badhost.corp.com 25
   Connected to badhost.corp.com.
   Escape character is '^]'.
   220 badhost.corp.com ESMTP Exim 3.12 #1 Thu, 09 Mar 2000 14:45:18 -0500
MAIL FROM:<spamtest@[]>
   250 <spamtest@[]> is syntactically correct
RCPT TO:<"user@remote.com"@[]>
   250 <"user@remote.com"@[]> is syntactically correct

I expect the following result here instead of 250:
   550 relaying to <"user@remote.com"@[]> prohibited by administrator

If this test is run to localhost (telnet localhost 25,>
I do get the results that I expect - 550 relaying prohibited.

As I mentioned in my first message, even if you complete this SMTP
session with DATA, exim will not relay the message.  Exim will accept
and queue the message

   250 OK id=12RaPH-0003Zq-00

Then will discover user@remote.com is not a valid local user.  It
will then send an error message to "spamtest" which is not valid
either.  It will then freeze the error message.

My concern is that exim does not return a 5xx error status at any
point in the session.


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