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wrong default-window-manager


After updating to the latest "xserver-common" in frozen, X started up with fvwm 
as the default window-manager. I´ve checked /etc/X11/window-managers and 
there´s fvwm95 with correct path and all as the first window-manager in there.

While I can switch to fvwm95 on-the-fly my girl-friend, who also uses my pc, 
isn´t clueful enough to live without all the default apps and settings I 
installed with the (for her ;-) familiar interface of fvwm95.

I already "apt-get remove fvwm" completely, to the effect that X comes up with 
no window-manager at all :-( .  I´ve checked all the configuration files I 
could find, but to no effect.

The only other option I can think of is to apt-get remove fvwm95, apt-get 
install fvwm95, but that would just be working on the symptoms, not the cause...

Any suggestions?

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