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Re: DBF Manipulation

Paul Kallstrom said:
> I am looking for an application that will manipulate DBF files under Linux, in a
> manner similar to FoxPro.
> Most of the data manipulation we do here, as a response driven mail house, is
> dbf based.
> Foxpro has been in use here for years, and is the preferred tool of the old
> timers.
> The last batch of computers that we bought were loaded with win98se; microsoft
> has removed odbc support for foxpro as of this windows version.
> For me, this is good news. MS has finally opened the door enough for me to push
> Linux here as more than a server OS, but this is contingent upon finding a good
> replacement application for Foxpro. 

Although I doubt that it's quite what you're looking for, I'm currently
working with a product called CodeBase which manipulates DBFs and is
available for both Linux and Windows.  However, it's a development toolkit,
not an end-user application.  But if I'm wrong and you are doing custom
development, it's worth taking a look at.

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