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Re: Printers in Linux

Hello there,

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, S.P. van Noort wrote:

> the
> only printer that is sold in The Netherlands which works perfectly is the
> HP 610C. 

I just recently bought a HP 610C, and it works really fine. 

> The printers I've seen here in Holland are, a.o.
> HP 610, 710, 720, 815, 840, 880
> Epson 460, 660, 760
> Canon 2000, 3000, 6100
> I can't find any of the printers in magicfilter and apsfilter. 

There is a magicfilter-configurationfile in /etc/magicfilter 
called 'dj550c-filter'. I use this file for my HP 610C, and it
should normally work with other HP-Deskjet-Printers using PCL Level 3 as
For Epson 660 and 760 printers, there is a file for stylus color printers 
called stylus_color_360dpi-filter. This should work.
Concerning apsfilter, I can't tell you anything, as I am only using


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