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building xfree86


	i recently installed a bare bones Debian 2.1r4 system from a CD i burned a
week or so back.  now, i believe I choose the basic 'developer' system with
nothing else, because i'm kinda freaky and like to build everything myself.

	now, i downloaded all the XFree86 3.3.6 tarballs, and can go ahead and
build/install everything EXCEPT:

	- a heck of a lot of the programs just don't build -- most notably
xf86config and XF86Setup

	In the case of the former, it builds, but doesn't install, and in the case
of the latter, it does neither !!!

	In the xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/xf86config directory, there are a
Makefile (empty) and a Makefile.bak. If I force 'make' to use "Makefile.bak"
and type make install, then it successfully installs, but XF86Setup doesn't
even get a Makefile ...

	any idea why this isn't working?  It's kinda bumming me out -- even on
FreeBSD, more programs compile than I've got ...  Are there any prereqs i'm
missing?  I've got perl, tcl/tk, gcc 2.95.2 and more installed ...



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