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Re: xi accelerated x

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Tim Ryder wrote:

jawse >Has anyone ever used Xi accelerated x with debian for
jawse >laptops?
jawse >If so, is it really worth using a commercial x server
jawse >or can I tweak xfree86 and get equal if not comprable
jawse >performance.

i installed accelx5 on a slink laptop for shits&giggles not long ago.  it
is a Cyrix 75mhz machine with a onboard 1MB video(some C&T chip can't tell
what kind) and (heres the kicker) 8MB ram!

XF86 would not run(for some reason, even in 16colors) accelx ran good in
16colors although i could not get it higher.  using fvwm95, (and only
fvwm95 and a xterm) memory usage was acceptable, only 2-3 mb swap
used..the machine has no network connection of any kind so its not of much
use no matter what OS i have on it..but it was still impressive to see X
running in such a crappy enviornment.

check Xinsides site, depending on your videochip...accelx may be good to
use..xf86 supports most chips althugh most are not accelerated..so xinside
blows em away but depends on yer chip.


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