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removed libc6, how to recover


Okay, I used apt-get to get a new version of libc6. The version has a script
that is installed as a user file, so I get a "Do you want to accept the
package maintainer's version" where "No" is the default. I blindly say no,
libc6 then fails to configure.

So, I force the removal of it and try to run apt-get to reinstall it. apt-get
won't run. The kernel then panics. Now, the machine won't boot.

I'm not saying removing libc6 was a smart idea. I want to know what to do to
get my machine back? I've got a boot floppy that I'm hoping works (it's at
home and I'm at work as I type this). Assuming I can boot the machine, is it
possible to recover to a point where I can install the latest version of
libc6??? How do I cut my losses at this point???

Please cc "mikeo@sgi.com" with responses.



Michael O'Brien
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