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Correct PAM settings for login

	I have an LDAP database setup to authenticate users. I want to
be able to use LDAP as the sole source of the users' info. With my
current pam settings for login I cannot remove the user from the
/etc/passwd file. When I do I receive the following message after a
login attempt: 'User not known to the underlying authentication
module.' I am including my /etc/pam.d/login in this message. What do I
need to change so that I can remove users from the local /etc/passwd
file and just have them authenticated through the LDAP module?

the "LaterDude"
ICQ: 52640402

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my employer unless otherwise noted.
auth       requisite   pam_securetty.so
auth       required    pam_nologin.so
auth       required    pam_env.so
auth       sufficient  pam_ldap.so
auth       optional    pam_unix.so use_first_pass

session    required    pam_unix.so
session    optional    pam_lastlog.so
session    optional    pam_motd.so
session    optional    pam_mail.so standard noenv

password   sufficient  pam_ldap.so
password   optional    pam_unix.so

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