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Your notice in Internet.

You  drive  a  car  very  often.  Sometimes   you   must   brake  this  car.
Have  you  got  enough  power    in  your   foot,  your  leg,  your   whole
body ? ? ?   Y o u   a r e   t o    w e a k .   [Not  strong   enough }
That   hydraulics     Pascal's  law   helps   y o u .
The  hydraulics   Pascal's  law   can  help  us  to  recive   the  clean
energy ,  too.   It   is  possible !!!     Please   find :
http://www.nets.pl/~metozor   [only seven  pictures   ]   and  after :
http://free.polbox.pl/m/metoz   .  Zygmunt   Orlowski.

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