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Re: Is frozen's ppp broken?

On 13-Feb-2000 S. Salman Ahmed wrote:
>>>>>> "DK" == David Kanter <djkanter@nwu.edu> writes:
>     DK>  I just did an apt-get dist-upgrade to the newest frozen
>     DK> packages; upgrading ppp REMOVED ppp-pam. Now I cannot connect to
>     DK> the Internet via Debian. I've got to use Mandrake instead.
>     DK> 
>     DK> Is this some wierd dependency problem?
> No it seems like a bug to me. /usr/bin/pon and /usr/bin/poff both try to
> use /usr/sbin/pppd. But since ppp-pam has been removed, the only pppd
> binary on my system is /usr/sbin/pppd.ppp-pam. That's why pon fails.

I saw it coming and I stopped my upgrade in time.


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