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time/date problems


i am running slink 2.1 with kernel 2.0.36 on a Dell Power Edge 2100 and i
am having problems with the time.  Basically what happens is that once i
set up the correct date/time in BIOS...when i load up linux the time & date
get's corrupted.

eg.  real date time is 11-Feb 09:36.   When i load linux up it shows 12-Feb

When i go back into BIOS it shows 11-Feb 15:31

what the hell is going on? :)

i have tested the bios clock by setting it up correctly and booting with a
windows boot disk and it keeps the correct date/time.  I can only surmise
that it is the linux software that is corrupting my date/clock.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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