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Re: USR modem & ZIP drive questions

Bruce Sass wrote:

> > > Have you tried running "irqtune" from the hwtools package?
> > 
> > Nope, I just stumbled upon irqtune when reading the IPmasq (or was it
> > diald? ;) HOWTO yesterday. I'll try it next weekend.
> > 
> > > > 1. I have a USR V90 56k modem. If I let it connect at anything above
> > > > 33600, the RX rate drops drastically - to around 1kB/s. Any
> > > > suggestions?
> > 
> > But, do you think it will also help with this problem? It also shows up
> > with virtually no load...
> Try doing a large zmodem download with minicom, if you get CRC
> errors when the HD is active then irqtune should fix it up.
> I had an 8MHz box with 4M RAM (the HD was always active ;) and couldn't
> transfer files at anything over 2400 bps, it died and I picked up a
> 25MHz box which showed the same problem at 9600 bps... running irqtune
> fixed it so that I could connect at 14.4 kbps without any errors.  When
> I plugged in a 28.8 kbps modem the problem returned until I told irqtune
> to optimize for the IRQ used by the new modem.  At no time did I have
> any IRQ conflicts, so it must be that the priority (what irqtune fiddles
> with) mattered. 
> It's worth a try and is very simple to do.  Install hwtools, edit
> /etc/rc.boot/hwtools so that it optimizes for the IRQ your serial port
> uses, then execute the script (no need to reboot). See if it worked by
> going online and checking the transfer rate.

Seems like the serial speed (115200 bps!) was too low, at 230400 bps it's been
working fine so far. D'oh.


PS: I'm not currently on the list...

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