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RE: Socket 7 question

There's a Dual-slot 1 board I've seen at work from Intel that has
integrated everything, and I'm pretty sure the video is supported. This
board has seperate video memory instead of shared, if I remember right.

Er, speaking of integrated boards, what's a sound modem slot? I've seen
them on Soltek boards.

On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote:

> On Sat, 5 Feb 2000, John Krueger wrote:
> > >From personal experience with that particular board, I highly recommend
> > spending a few extra dollars and purchase a different motherboard, sound and
> > video card.  The PC100 boards use the SiS5xx series chipset, with SiS530
> > video and a more or less generic sound codec.  These boards are difficult to
> > 
> > Again, I hold absolutely no reservation in recommending that you don't
> > purchase this particular board.  You will save some money with this board,
> > but the money saved will not be worth the setup fun you will have.
> I've been search for a motherboard with integrated video, sound,
> and ethernet to use as a diskless workstations with Debian.  Can
> anyone recommend a particular board?
> I'm also looking for small case/power-supply on the order of the
> netwinder size.  Any ideas here?
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> Jean Pierre
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