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Re: Q:Kernel version and insmod refusal

OK - I've now tried those things, and I get the same old message ... Any more 

^There are a few things you could try:
^- Compile a kernel where you don't add your ethernetcard as a module.


^- Compile a kernel where you select 'Set kernel version on all modules'
^(or something like that, when using make menuconfig it's in the same menu
^as 'Enable modules').


^- Make sure you did both 'make modules' and 'make modules_install'


^- What does modprobe 3905x say??
modprobe can't locate 

insmod still says  that I compile the 2c90x module for the wrong kernel...

^> Hello,
^> I am running/installing a Debian 2.1 distribution that came packaged with the 
^> O'Reilly book "Learning Debian GNU/Linux". I guess this is Slink.
^> I have been trying to install the module support for a 3905 3com ethernet 
^> card. 3Com supply the driver as c code; I compile this and then try to do 
^> insmod 3905x.0. This command returns:
^> 390x.o was compiled for kernel version 2.0.36 whilst this kernel is 2.2.12.
^> uname tells me that I am indeed running 2.2.12
^> When I asked 3com about this, they suggested I recompile my kernel and try 
^> again. I did this, with exactly the same results.
^> So where does insmod get the information about the version for which the 
^> driver was compiled, and how can I change this?
^> with appreciation,
^> Tony CP

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