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Re: What is apt-get

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I'm a somewhat experienced Linux newbie
(if there is such a thing), so I know about apt-get. I tried to use it to get
something, and it suggested that I might want to run "apt-get -f install".
Trying to be open to suggestions, I told it to go ahead.

Well, it decided that I shouldn't have KDE on my system any more and took it
off! Luckily, since installing Corel Linux (can I still stay on this list? <g>),
I have been collecting non-KDE apps, so I'm still in business.

It evidently took some other stuff off without replacing it: Northern Captain
now refuses to start because of a missing libjpeg.so.6.

What would you recommend to replace the stuff that was lost? "Missing stuff"
messages tend to use different names from the packages that contain those files.

I just received my copy of _Learning Debian GNU/Linux_, so by next week I won't
have any more questions. <g>


Lane Lester / Madison County, Georgia USA
Coming to you through Corel Linux

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