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Up and Running!

What a difference a jumper makes!
After changing the two jumpers to max out my 34GB drive at 32GB, I installed Debian 2.2.99 (?) without further issue. The installation process smoothly led me by the hand
All of the partitions I created with Partition Magic were fully recognized
My sincere thanks to all who responded, and to Andries Brouwer for his comprehensive discussion on his web site
Now... I tried to use fdisk in Debian to enable me to switch back to W98, but this did not succeed, so I put in a W98 floppy boot disk and rebooted the system. I assume there is a more graceful way to do this
I will next try to configure an X Window System, I assume Gnome and Enlightenment
I would appreciate any feedback on how to access my Window files from Debian and any other suggestions anyone would care to help
Many thanks

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