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Re: TV Cards....

they work..but ive read many reports of people having problems on those
drivers..if your not having problems go ahead an use em :) i tend to
prefer using the latest driver(that is considered 'stable')

it also depends on the card your using, and the vga card your using..one
of my co workers has a s3 savage 4 with winTV as well and his machine
crashes hard whenever a tv app uses bttv, be it kernel drivers or the ones
on the bttv page.(but it works in win98 ..)


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Hans wrote:

hansfo >At 07:33 AM 2/2/00 -0800, aphro wrote:
hansfo >>i use a hauppauge wintv/pci
hansfo >>
hansfo >>and it works great, just make sure to avoid the video4linux drivers in the
hansfo >>kernel if possible they are outdated, go to the bttv homepage if your
hansfo >>using a bttv-compadible card.(i dont have the link, go to
hansfo >>yahoo.aphroland.org and search for bttv)
hansfo >>
hansfo >>i use kwintv to...used to use xawtv, till i got kwintv to work
hansfo >
hansfo >I don't understand that remark. I use a Pinnacle/Miro PCTV Pro, a Slink
hansfo >system and the 2.2.13 kernel. The build in BTTV driver works fine, gives me
hansfo >stereo sound and a clear picture. As if drivers in the kernel are old,
hansfo >obsolete and non-functioning. I don't agree, especially since my SB64AWE
hansfo >also uses the driver build in the kernel (OSS version) with great success.
hansfo >If it works a 100% what is the point of using the latest and greatest?
hansfo >
hansfo >Things to watch:
hansfo >
hansfo >1) build everything as module,
hansfo >2) once running don't switch from X to console mode while watching a TV
hansfo >picture as this will lock the system (for me at least).
hansfo >
hansfo >Same remark for xawtv. I tried the newer 3.x version and couldn't get it
hansfo >running at all. Switched to a 2.x version (2.48 if I recall correctly) and
hansfo >had it running within 15 minutes.
hansfo >
hansfo >Other things to watch:
hansfo >
hansfo >- radio on the Pinnacle/Miro PCTV Pro is not supported yet from what I can
hansfo >tell,
hansfo >- neither is ir, but this means some extra exercise for us computer crazy
hansfo >hackers.
hansfo >
hansfo >Last thing: when credits are flying over the screen it appears as a smear.
hansfo >I suspect the video card can't keep up with the inlay mode. As I only have
hansfo >an old S3DX/Virge with 4 MB video RAM I wonder if upgrading to a faster
hansfo >video card will help. Anyone?
hansfo >
hansfo >Good luck and happy watching. -- Hans
hansfo >

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