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Re: Shaazaaam!!! Success at last!

try runnin XF86Setup (i reccomend it) or xf86config (more cryptic, but
works if u got all the info it asks for)


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, dkphoto wrote:

dkphot >Ran dselect 'configure packages' for about the 6th time this morning. It 
dkphot >finally finished doing its thing and had the "Quit dselect" line selected 
dkphot >when I came back.
dkphot >
dkphot >This may be the longest install on record of any consumer system anywhere!
dkphot >
dkphot >When I try to run xinit, I get:
dkphot >
dkphot >"Could not find the config file!"
dkphot >
dkphot >Have I just not gotten that far along yet, or is there something wrong?
dkphot >
dkphot >David Kachel
dkphot >
dkphot >
dkphot >-- 
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dkphot >

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