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Enlightenment Configuration


Just installed the Enlightenment package (main, docs, and theme packages).
Enlightenment runs fine except:

1. I cannot get dox to run (pops up an error window saying it could not
find the dox program).

2. I cannot run ConfigEdit (pops up an error windows saying it could not
find the program ConfigEdit).

I've looked all over my HD for these 2 programs with no luck.  Looked over
the elightenment cfg file located in the .enlightenment folder but it
appears to have no relevance.

My suspicion is that these are 2 separate components that need to be
installed.  I noticed some references on the net to a directory
/usr/local/enlightenment but there's no such directory on my system.  I
found the dpkg program installed the enlightenment executable under

Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Scott Au

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