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dpkg --(get|set)-selections

#include <newbie_to_debian.h>

What defines a package as being 'selected'?  I would think that it would
mean those packages that have been selected via the dselect 'Select'
stage.  However, output seems to suggest that the --(get|set)-selections
only print what's installed, not what's been selected.  Is my
understanding of this incorrect (*very* possible)?

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On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Colin Watson wrote:
> ron@wep.tudelft.nl (Ron Rademaker) wrote:
> >Can anybody tell me where the list with packages that are selected in
> >dselect resites?
> >I'm currently installing debian on my new computer and want to install the
> >same packages as installed on another computer (that the computer where I
> >want to get that list) and some more that I'll do manually.
> Try dpkg --get-selections (and its inverse, dpkg --set-selections).

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