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Re: Yehaw!

Quoting Lee Chapelle (canuck@webdev.net):
> From: aphro <nate@firetrail.com>
> > cd to /usr/src
> > and run this:
> > 
> > wget http://metalab.unc.edu/pub/Linux/kernel/v2.3/linux-2.3.41.tar.gz
> that's cool!
> > mv linux linux-OLD
> no such directory or file    <SPLAT>

It's no longer normal to unpack the kernel source in /usr/src,
and one wouldn't except there to be a linux symlink to be renamed
if you hadn't already unpacked one there, say, from hamm or previous.

If you download kernel-package and fakeroot, you can unpack the
source anywhere and then, at top level in the source,

> > make menuconfig
> > (configure the kernel to your liking)

    fakeroot /usr/sbin/make-kpkg clean
    fakeroot /usr/sbin/make-kpkg --revision=foo.1 kernel_image
               something more meaningful --------

You'll be left with a package called /kernel-image-2.3.41_foo.1_i386.deb
in the directory above you (i.e. in ..) which you can then install
like any .deb file.


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